What does Karri Country Online do?
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What does Karri Country Online do?

- web services -
reseller of Australian jumba/ cpanel webhosting
$150 per annum
web design consulting
html and javascript coding
training and consulting

- digital media services -

digital sound productions, spoken-word and drama,
audio tours, natural and site-specific recording,
audio mastering and cd encoding

- local email addresses -
pop3, imap and webmail hosting
$80 per annum includes mirrored US .com address

~The Bush Creatures Soundtrack~
6.5MB mp3 128kbps

Click the underlined link to play or right click and choose "Save ... As" to download the file to your harddrive or mp3 player.

Seek permission if you wish to broadcast this track: we will very likely say yes.

This soundtrack was designed to play at an exhibition featuring artworks around the theme of Bush Creatures. The soundtrack was created by Graham Evans using sounds invented by the creative kids and adults of Northcliffe. Sponsored by Northcliffe Family Centre, Country Arts WA and the Northcliffe Arts Association. Bush Creatures Project conceived and managed by Penny Wood.